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Erin Smith, PFIC Certified Master Pole + Aerial Instructor, OPD+AF Owner/Operator

Owner + Master Instructor Erin Smith-Schweitzer

PFIC Certified Master Pole + Aerial Instructor Hi! My name is Erin Smith-Schweitzer and I'm SO excited that you've found yourself here with me! I cannot wait to show you what I can share and offer to you! Over the course of this journey with me, I hope to teach you more and more about who I am, what I do and why I do it, and how that all ties in with how and why I teach pole + empowerment. I am a Master Pole + Aerial Instructor with 15+ years of experience as a student, and instructor for other studios, and a studio owner. I've taught thousands of students and apprenticed and trained dozens of my own pole and aerial instructors over the years, as well as mentor other studio owners. I've travelled internationally to train with pole mega stars, watch and support pole competitions and I have made it a priority to engage with the media to evolve the way the world sees pole dance. So I've seen it all! I've witnessed the pole industry grow from its infancy into this beautiful, inclusive and empowering world that it is today. At home, I am a mom to four amazing kids and a wife to an amazing husband. I am a sister, daughter, friend and aspiring life and empowerment coach. Pole itself is incredibly empowering but I'm learning how to transfer my passion and skills to reach another new and exciting audience. More on that soon! Sadly, in April 2021, I lost my beloved physical studio space, Okanagan Pole Dance + Aerial Fitness, to COVID-19 after 7 years of successful operation. We survived a year and a half of government mandated shutdowns, but when the money reserves had finally ran out, I had to pull the plug on the physical space to protect my family's financial stability. After grieving the loss of the physical studio space itself, and healing physically from some unrelated health issues and a couple surgeries, I have adapted and have found a new way to share my years of knowledge and experience on a broader scale, OPD+AF is now ONLINE Pole Dance + Aerial Fitness! It is my hope that you can take my lessons and better your life, if even in some small way, so that you may live your fullest life possible.